Thursday, 12 May 2011

Too many ideas?

The second book.

Always a tricky one and in a lot of ways, more important than the first.

Five months ago, I had no idea what to write, although I knew I didn't want a sequel to Swan Song. I was, and am, definite about that.

Now, I have three ideas jostling for position.

The curious thing is all three started as short stories and flourished. Bizarrely enough, I am eleven pages into all three ideas and at least eight pages of notes into developing each.

So could an author, simultaneously write his next THREE books at the same time?

Has this ever been attempted before?

I'll rephrase.

Has anyone ever been stupid enough to attempt this?

The thing is while I have tried working on one, ideas for the other two keep popping in my head, and vice versa when I am not currently on said project. I can't read two novels at once. I get totally confused with what is going on where, but writing seems to almost demand my head think of other things. This may have something to do with my attention span (Ooh, a penny!) but that's why The Shining is the best horror movie of all time!

Wait, that's not what I was talking about, was it?

Hmmm, okay, chapter three.....

The girl sat.....

Only kidding!

So I tink away simultaneously on all three ideas whilst continually annoying my publisher to finish editing my paperback collection for Swan Song. The more I read over my submitted manuscript, the more work I think it needs!

Three books at once?

Not even I'm that silly.

I'll develop the shit outta all three of them and the one with the most girth, wins.

Okay, that sounded bad....

Where was I? Oh yeah...


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