Thursday, 21 July 2011


I dreamed the start to my second novel!

Woke up and wrote it down and by Jove, it's good! Even if I do say so myself!

Don't you just love it when good ideas are simply given to you?

I had already started my second book.

Well, technically, I had already started my next three books. I have eight pages written of three separate entities, of which either one could be my follow up to Swan Song. This dream bestowed beginning has sealed the deal for me. I now know which one to work on.

I immediately wrote my publisher and told her I would have a full length, fully completed manuscript ready by the end of the year. If that doesn't sound to you like a short deadline, believe me, it is. I am sure anyone who has ever wrote a novel would agree with me.

So now, I must commit to it.

Like a man finally choosing the right woman, there is a clarity in my thoughts now in regards to the journey ahead. The commitment and passion I must bestow to this new love child fills me with dread, anxiety, excitement and faith.

So my notes fill up day by day as I tentatively progress past the eight page mark, my protagonist growing more interesting with every day and, most importantly, the antagonist, more so.

We aim for bigger, better, brighter, bolder. If not, why not?

I have already outlined my wishes for my second book in this blog numerous times, so I shan't go over them again. I have a feeling this blog may become VERY useful in the months to come.

Hold my hand as I go, won't you, dear followers?