Wednesday, 21 May 2014

Rooms Now Available At The Hotel Nomad

This is an HISTORIC post!

My novel, four years in the making, is now complete!

Hotel Nomad is FINISHED!


I feel like I've climbed a fucking mountain!

The novel finally came in at 71, 201 words (that's an exact count - before a professional edit).

I may be still too close to the story to reflect on it with any objectivity but I know one thing; it's the story I wanted to write.

I was careful all the way down the line.

I controlled this beast all the way through and at NO point did I feel it get away from me. I gave my characters the right amount of freedom and allowed myself to be surprised but ultimately, now that I'm sitting behind the finish line, hyperventilating and too tired to be proud, I can honestly say my original concept and intent shines through what I've laid down.

So what have I learned from my four year stay at the Hotel Nomad?

If your story is inherently violent, allow the violence to breathe.
Minor characters can influence your all important climax in ways you could never plot.
You can just set a scene and let your characters talk and amazing things will happen.
You have to let your characters take time outs, if only to feel what has gone before.
There's no such thing as just a name.
Location, location, location.
Try not to impose YOUR morality on your fictional alter egos.
Drown in the emotion of a set piece without 'flogging a dead horse.'
It doesn't matter if your main character is unsympathetic as long as he/she is interesting.

There's tons more but I'm not writing a book here.

I just did that!

It's been a wild ride and I am so proud to have FINALLY finished this gritty, urban, brutal cautionary tale.

As any artist will tell you, you put what you know and what you love upon the page but in terms of quality, you have no idea. You trust your instincts, you rely on what turns YOU on and hope that someone else gets off on it too.

Now, I am off to draft some highly official sounding letters to publishers.

I've been fortunate enough to have been recommended some top quality agents and publishers by some names in the business whom I truly admire. I think I'll try them first.

In closing, what's next?

Well, I want the Hotel Nomad up and running 'for business' as soon as possible.

I have at least five new ideas for novels that are all vying for my attention right now.

All I know for certain is my next work will NOT involve vampires. I think our beloved blood suckers have earned a (temporary?) rest at my hands.

Rest assured, any updates, any news, I will relay it here.

The Hotel Nomad is now open for business.

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