Monday, 23 December 2013

Look Who Remembered He Has A Blog, 2013!

I start this blog post surprised.

Before I started writing this particular post, I figured, let's go back and see what I wrote for my last post of 2012, and what did it say? (I'm paraphrasing here....)

Authors, word of warning, never go back and read back on your previous goals for the year. You'll be disappointed with all the goals you set yourself but failed to achieve.

I had to laugh because it's so pathetic but as of my last post of 2012, I was 22,000 words into my second book, Hotel Nomad. 
After one year later, how much further have I got?

An extra 5,000 words.

Yep. Took me a frigging year to write 5,000 words in my new book!

I mean, they're 5,000 words of PURE GOLD but still, I mean that's fucking awful, eh?

Okay, it hasn't been THAT bad!

I've worked on other pieces and twiddled around with scripts and what not but ultimately, as far as Hotel Nomad is concerned, I think Moses was still wearing short pants when I started this damn book!

Story wise, I'm on point.

I recently fixed a big fucking plot hole and drew a few strands together than hadn't worked. I'm remembering to enjoy my characters' company, even if some of them are bat shit crazy. I'm learning that violence used responsibly is more affecting than violence used for the shock factor alone. I'm learning to ALWAYS write forwards, not backwards (other writers will know what I mean here). I'm clearer on some character's motivations now and, most intriguingly, the story has become far more emotional than I had originally intended. So it's not all bad news.

Bottom line time. I still need a new publisher and my first REAL agent.

I'm thinking my book will be finished by April.

(That's if I knuckle down and turn Grand Theft Auto 5 off for a bloody change!)

Creativity wise (and after the 5,000 word revelation, this comes as a real shock), I feel I'm capable of my best work ever this year. I'm one of fortunate writers who never seems to suffer from writers' block or a lack of things to say. As always, my main flaw is laziness.

Hey, I'm writing this blog post, aren't I? That's a good start.

2014? I'm still writing, still caring about good stories and better characters, still ready to take on EPIC tales I'm completely unprepared to deal with.

Courage, my listeners and only friends, that's what gets us through the day.......

(I'm turning my X Box off right, really. I am!......)


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