Saturday, 3 November 2012

Party Hard! - For the characters who come alive!

I am currently 18,000 words into Hotel Nomad and my characters have come alive! Writing has once again become fun!

How did I do it? Simple. I threw a party.

I now have a situation where all of my characters are interacting, drunk, and some of my favourite lines of dialogue have been borne of this. It's just, well, fun!

I'm having a real opportunity to explore character motivation, divulge plot exposition and generally advance theme and tone in one scene. I'm having a blast.

So I'm about 15% through Hotel Nomad, about 5% through Mary Happened As We Speak ( A theatrical twist on a Basic Instinct premise. I didn't mention this new novel previously? I will, eventually. I got the title from a misheard Seal lyric in Crazy, go figure!) and 4% through Last The Day (A very black comedy about a break up. I didn't mention this new novel either? Sue me. I'm writing, damnit! Don't sue me, I'm broke!)

But it's Hotel Nomad that keeps bringing me back.

It's everything Swan Song wasn't and I am very proud of that. I don't know why every writer who pens a successful story always feels the need to write a sequel. For me, I want to be ever changing. Every story different, in tone and content. I write self contained stories. When it's over, it's OVER! I'll never pander to expectations.

Ahem...(climbs off soap box).

Basically, I've rediscovered why I write. It's hard work, frustrating and taxing, but oh so rewarding, it's hard to describe.

I want this finished by Christmas but I don't see that happening.

In the meantime, I am contacting agents regarding my screenplays. Is playing my X Box 360 a complete waste of my time? Probably. I'm trying to combat this with production of material that may actually improve my life.

(Curse you, Red Dead Redemption! Why are you so awesome?!)

This blog post is dedicated, as always, to Carlsberg.

Without you, I'd be nothing! Sniff!

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