Saturday, 1 October 2011

'And on it goes.....'

' a gent, 'cause all we need is candlelight!'

Ahem, sorry, been listening to Eagle Eye Cherry!

And on it goes!

Final proofreading is underway for the Swan Song Paperback with twelve exclusive brand new short stories! Yay!

And work is fully underway on the second book! I promise!

No, really!

So as I argued with a friend the other day about a band's difficult second album, my thoughts naturally turned to my writing.

Should your second book, if it's not a sequel, be all that different from your debut?

I'm talking in terms of tone.

I've had to make some tough decisions as I pen my second.

As you know, loyal followers of my blog, I don't do sequels. My second book is NOT a sequel to Swan Song. However, I have found myself re-reading Swan Song in order to regain my voice, per se, so the second does still feel like a continuation of my career (I use the word loosely).

I penned an original first paragraph that was so heavy, I drowned in its metaphors before I reached the break.

So I edited.

I tried a light, comedic approach that became bitter and twisted, then felt readers may not appreciate being toyed with so early.

So I edited.

Then, finally, I threw out all the bullshit, realised where the REAL starting point of the story should occur and wrote, and was TRUE to the spirit and intention of said story. I've finished the opening, done and dusted, and, well, I think it may surprise a few people. Most importantly, I'm happy. Already. Yep. I'm easily pleased!

The longest journey starts with a single step. I've been dancing on the start line now for two fucking years. So this BETTER be good!

It retains Swan Song's flowing prose (naturally, I'm still trying to emulate Clive Barker's writing style) and serious tone but I think it's more true to itself. Less concerned with impressing and more about telling a story. It feels already like a natural successor to my debut. Bigger in scope and drama, richer in character and depth.

So I throw this out. How concerned SHOULD you be that your voice MAY change from book to book?

See? I'm a deep thinker!

(Why the hell has that girl outside only got one shoe on? What the hell happened to the other one?!)

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  1. You don't do sequels.

    If you were writing a sequel then your writing style should be the same. Like different directors make a difference to film sequels, it disrupts the flow.

    Different books, different stories, shouldn't the story dictate the writing style?

    Perhaps the girl outside didn't lose a shoe, maybe she found one.