Tuesday, 20 July 2010

Working Holiday

Recently, I've been taking my much needed holiday time from work to write.

Write and nothing else.

(Just briefly, I work in accounts, 'nuff said?)

My boss called me over about three weeks ago and said 'You still have about nineteen days holiday left to take, Jev. I know you love it here but you better start taking them.'

So what did I do?

I arranged the most suitable time off between my crazy work load shifts and planned some valuable drinking and writing time (the two go hand in hand for me). It's the only time I can really get some work done. SERIOUS work.

When I get home, it's usually half six or seven o 'clock. If I start writing and fall into 'the zone,' I could still easily be there at half one, quarter to two, with maybe only three good pages to show for it, that and a viciously tired hangover the following morning.

So, with my two days off (starting now), I'll plan a writing schedule, go buy much needed alcohol, turn about two fans in my direction (It's bloody hot in London right now though I don't want to complain about it!) and settle in for the long haul.

Swan Song was completed on a week night.

It was finished at quarter to three in the morning on a Thursday purely because it was 'flowing' and I was scared that if I stopped, I'd never get it back again. (That could explain the breathless nature of the head long rush toward the climax, though I feel the story benefits from it, as if the pendulum finally shifted one way and couldn't be altered as events spiralled towards their inevitable conclusion).

And now, with two free days looming, two potential full length Swan Song follow ups in progress (NOT sequels, I don't DO sequels!) and five stories short of completing my Vamplit Vampire Collection Of Short Stories, I guess I feel pretty good.

I'm focused on my writing.

My X Box 360 does not help.

Neither does my guitar.

I'm ignoring them at the moment.

After the recent posts regarding positive feedback regarding Swan Song and online interviews, I am determined to return this blog to what it was originally intended to be, a thoughtful study on the aspects of story telling that we writers agonise over on a daily basis. I never wanted this to become 'my diary' or a series of random ramblings.....

I found my original Swan Song notes last night. It was fascinating comparing how I felt then to how the story eventually turned out.

I may post the notes here at some point...

Am I rambling?!

What was I talking about again?

Oh yeah, focus......




  1. That sounds like my perfect holiday! I'm with you on the alcohol and writing. The juices always flow better after a couple of glasses of vino!

  2. It's weird but so true right?! My spelling skills go a bit by the wayside but that's what spell check is for! My ideas, my prose, just flow like recently spilled blood!