Thursday, 8 October 2009

What comes next for the Mc Crory vampires?

The second novel, or novella if you may.

Technically, my follow up to 'Swan Song' will be my third novella but my second in the 'vein' of the vampires.

I've wrote numerous short stories over the years involving our kindred friends, from patients bleeding from their eyes and gaining sustenance from it to targets laughing as hitman pump round after round into them, yet this is kind of serious, at least for me. I want the follow up to 'Swan Song' to be able to stand proudly side by side with it. In what direction to write is another monster altogether.

The vampire is so popular right now it's kinda scary and there's quite simply one person responsible for the sudden trend, Stephanie Meyer.

Whether you like 'Twilight' or not (I think it's fine as long as you don't view it as a 'vampire' story, it's a high school supernatural teen crush fable, nothing more, NOT a real vampire story, not as far as I am concerned), it's impact on the media has been staggering and as a vampire devotee from the age of fifteen (I'm now thirty), I'm torn as to how comfortable I am with the resurgence in interest in vampires. Ultimately, depending on how you look at it, my debut novella has either surfaced at precisely either the best or the very worst time.

There is serious interest in bloodsuckers, a good thing, kids of all ages are curious in them, possibly a very good thing, every single tv show now seems to feature them, a very bad thing, the vampire is so familiar now he/she has lost all threat, the very worst thing. (Ms Meyer, I am looking at you).

I am proud of my love of the vampire, almost foolishly so, yet now, I'm almost (almost) embarrassed to admit my debut novella revolves around them, so sure I am to receive the response 'Oh, you as well eh? I loved 'Twilight!' How about you?'

Allow me to simplify; 'Swan Song' was wrote deliberately as an antidote to 'Twilight.' It was to be everything I wished 'Twilight' to be and more. Well, now that I have nailed my demons to the page, where now? What happens next for the nosferatu dwelling within the walls of my brain? What will my second vampire novella be like?

Theme? Darker than 'Swan Song' (is that possible?) Story? Self contained in a two part character study like it's predecessor? Violence? More or less? Humour? To be included at all? Shock factor? To up play or down play? And on and on.....

I have a few ideas gestating, one that really amuses me, one I know that will sicken the reader (if I want to go there at all), one that will take all of my presumed talent to retain control of.

What I will say, as I drunkenly type this rant tonight, my second novella will be, if nothing else, passionate. Without passion, you have nothing. At least nothing worth caring about.

I care.

My vampires will care.

Whether they want to or not.

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